Start Your Day with the SPARK
What is teeth remineralisation?
Teeth mineralisation is the restoration or replacement of mineral salts as of calcium and phosphate minerals to the bones to produce mineral gain.
What conditions does Prospark help? Who should use it?
Those that have Those that are
Swollen gums Smoking
Bleeding gums Drinking alcoholic beverages
Plaque build-up Using fluoridated toothpaste
Tartar (calculus) Diabetic
White patches  
Bad breath  
Painful chewing  
Sensitive teeth  
Tooth discoloration  
Is it safe to be used regularly?
ProSparkcontains common toothpaste excipients, free from toxic chemicals and artificial dyes. It is completely safe for usage on daily basis, even with any orthodontic appliances.
Will I experience sensitivity or any discomfort after using Prospark?
Prospark is natural, free from toxic chemical, no added artificial dye.
Is it necessary to take a break from using Prospark?
Not necessary. Every day we get exposed and accumulate toxins from our diet, environment, medication and chemicals which body generates into free radical therefore recommended to be used daily. When Prospark get in contact in oral cavity, it produces glutathione naturally in our body.
What is the shelf life & storage condition?
36 months, store in a dry cool place.
Are there any animal derivatives or gluten?
No. ProSpark does not contain any animal derivatives or gluten
How much toothpaste should I use?
A pea size toothpaste used within 2 minute adequately clean teeth and gums, and freshen breath.
Is Prospark halal certified?
Yes, Prospark is halal certified.